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A specter is haunting Western Culture—the specter of nihilism. Pulled between the nails of fundamentalist dogma and liberal tolerance, extremist asceticism and capitalist excess, total violence and passive peace, Truth is stretched, ripped apart like Jesus on the cross, Damiens on the quartering table, or Oprah in the pilates machine. But the tearing of the […]


Cage Against the Machine

The voice of alatheia is the sound of silence.


Zizeck, Against the Grain

Slavoj Zizek on Against the Grain



…and though eudaimonia is usually translated as “happiness,” this translation is very misleading because what we mean by happiness now is nearly diametrically opposed to Aristotle’s notion of eudaimonia. First, when we ask “Are you happy?” we usually mean, “Are you feeling happy?” That is, we equate happiness with the emotion of the moment, a […]