Ph.D., Instructor of Philosophy
The New School
Fordham University

philosophy of religion


Though much contemporary philosophy treats religion as marginal, laughable, and naïve, the questions posed by religion have all but fallen away. At their core, religious questions are motivated by deeply felt and vibrant concerns and needs, things not so easily placated by reason or science. Approaching religion more so as an aesthetic, psychological, and existential expression (less so a question of metaphysics or morality), this course—loosely based around the theme "The Individual and God"—approaches the question of religion from these phenomenological, uniquely human points of departure. Beginning with Augustine’s highly personal and confessional relationship with God and his own psyche, the course will traverse these often heterodox and critical points of entry into the major themes of religion, e.g., Luther, Kierkegaard, Hegel, Feuerbach, Freud, James, Weil, Bataille, and Schurmann.